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Infocad.FM - The revolution of Facility Management

Knowing the exact assessment of company facilities is the first step to achieve an effective management of available resources. Infocad.FM allows you to have all the tools you need to know, manage and maintain your property.


Infocad.FM overview

Watch our video to discover Infocad.FM, the powerful software that makes you manage the real estate assets by harmonizing and integrating various data sources in an interactive graphic interface.


Infocad.FM Mobile

With Infocad.FM your real estate assets can be managed and controlled wherever you are. The database can be accessed through most mobile devices and this feature allows a real-time update.


Infocad.FM Mobile Energy

One of the features of Infocad.FM Energy Module is recording energy consumptions detected by the traditional manual reading of fiscal meters.
Thanks to the Infocad.FM Energy App, users can transmit on site data to the Infocad server without  additional backoffice operations.


"Building Intelligence" Event

Great success for the Infocad Academy event "Building Intelligence. Conoscere, gestire e valorizzare il patrimonio immobiliare nell’era delle Smart City. Strumenti e tecnologie per un efficace Facility & Energy Management”.


Forum PA 2015

An interesting experience that we want to share with you


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