Infocad.FM - Infocad.FM Partner Network

Gold Partner

For these partners Infocad.FM is a strategic choice for their company. They are able not only to support the customer in choosing the product, but also to develop and successfully implement a project based on the platform Infocad.FM.

Gold partners guide the implementation of the projects, cooperating with Infocad staff and ensuring total customer satisfaction.

Silver Partner

This is the basic level of cooperation with Infocad.FM, needed to bring the product to market.

Silver partners are able to independently promote Infocad.FM and enhance the features that best meet Customer needs.

Thanks to their Product expertise and experience on Facility Management processes, Silver Partners are able to support Customers in the choice of Infocad modules and in the definition of the implementation project.

Certified Service Partner

This certification is given to Gold Partners that are able to independently provide a wide range of technical services on the Infocad.FM platform.

Their human resources are trained and certified by Infocad.FM to configure and customize the software in order to ensure a high level of quality.


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