Infocad.FM - Software architecture and functional layout


Infocad.FM provides a range of “environments” in which each operator is given the tools that mostly fit its skills and the assigned work:

  • A production CAD environmentwhere the data archive is structured and populated, consisting in:
    • Infocad.FM CAD module for managing drawings and plans, fully integrated with AutoCAD, that allows database updates directly through the graphical interface
    • Infoview Module, for data analysis, creation of reports and visualization of alphanumeric data
  • A server environment where the archive resides, designed for publishing and data integration, even when interfaced to preexisting information systems
  • A web environment for management, consultation and analysis, where users log through internet or intranet networks. It consists of:
    • Infocad.FM FlashServer, an exclusive technology for real time publication of interactive drawings using Flash technology
    • Infocad.FM Webmachine, the application environment where user can search, report, analyze, use management functions for scheduled and on-demand maintenance, manage documentation, contracts, etc.
    • Infocad.FM Mapguide Edition, the application environment based on Autodesk Mapguide GIS technology for georeferencing map data.

Aggregation and integration

We believe that data are the actual wealth of an information system, since hardware and software tools will rapidly change over time: that’s because Infocad.FM pays the maximum attention to data, their origin, consistency and safety.

The application is structured around a central Oracle database, strictly connected to the management modules. Since data and drawings are saved to the database, the whole system has a high level of aggregation and integration: any single change is automatically updated in all modules, including CAD drawings.   


Infocad.FM is based on industry standard technologies such as AutoCAD, Oracle, Adobe Flash, Microsoft and can be easily integrated with existing information systems like SAP, Oracle Property Manager, ERP, etc. CAD environment is designed to work client-side, while web-based modules are based on a n-tier technology. Oracle database is queried by a Microsoft.NET server connected through TCP/IP protocols.

Front-end user interface is designed for maximum usability and ergonomics, working with Ajax, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Silverlight technologies. All modules are able to import and export data to the most common office automation products, such as Microsoft Office and OpenOffice.


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