Infocad.FM - Facilities and maintenance services

Knowledge is the basis of management and maintenance

A proper knowledge of buildings and their facilities is a necessity for many professional roles within the company. Each manager or single employee interacts at different levels with the property and its facilities. Their functional status directly affects staff members in performing their jobs properly and safely. More than other building components, technical facilities require routine maintenance and repairs to remain operational: they can be expanded or upgraded and must conform to standard regulation. Infocad.FM maintenance module, entirely web based, allows an integrated and shared management of the complex network of activities, communications, planning strategies, documentation, analysis and controls required to correctly conduct maintenance services, whether they are performed by internal resources or outsourced to specialized companies. Infocad.FM is the solution for real estate managers who want to measure the performance of their suppliers as well as the ideal tool for suppliers (like Global Service) who want to equip their clients with a tool to effectively manage the services they are providing. 


Maintenance registry

Infocad.FM provides tools to create a shared database of all building elements and systems that have been recorded and georeferenced on maps, like:

  • Items and fixtures (fan coil units, lights, extinguishers, furniture, etc.)
  • Systems (wiring, piping, conditioning, data and communication, medical gas, plumbing, etc.)

Once building elements and systems have been recorded and located, they can be turned into “maintenance items” and organized with various classification and aggregation methods. Such items are:

  • Items already recorded to the registry (i.e. a single fan-coil unit)
  • A group of items (i.e. all building fan-coil units)
  • Items not recorded to the registry or not identified on floor plans (signage, glass façade, external green areas, etc.)

Each “maintenance item” can be divided into components and sub-components through limitless hierarchical structures based on elements typology.


Maintenance management

Infocad.FM web based maintenance module provides:

  • Users and suppliers registry
  • Contract and budget management
  • Scheduled maintenance
  • On-demand maintenance (call center)
  • Extraordinary maintenance
  • Services control and management
  • Performance reporting

On-demand maintenance

A customizable workflow with different levels of users (operator, property leader, service leader, maintainer, etc.) helps maintenance managers to open requests, approve costs, close work orders and locate requests on interactive maps through the Flash based interface.  

Scheduled maintenance

Each “maintenance item” can be assigned with a maintenance schedule: a “proactive” light dashboard tracks upcoming and expired operations, allowing the creation of printed worksheets.


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