Infocad.FM - Space and human resources

Space management

Space management module is the core of the entire system. Building features, such as plans and data, can be stored to the database through powerful analytic functions. Each single plan will instantly provide useful data about net and gross area, rented units, etc.

Drawings can be integrated with any data needed by the Facility Manager: space type and usage, function allocation, flooring and ceiling type, wall finishes and their condition, availability of workplaces, etc. Any information recorded to the database is used to perform bidirectional queries between floor plans and data, create colored layouts and reports, analyze and control requirements, etc.   




Infocad.FM provides tools to simulate hypothetical scenarios like real estate acquisition, mass movements, moving assets between different buildings, distribution redesign (changing a divided floor to an open space), etc. Through simulation tools, Infocad.FM generates analysis on cost variation between different scenarios, according to changes in distribution of spaces and employee reallocation, and provides analysis, reports and to-do lists to help managing the approval process for the new scenario.


Human resources management

Human resources are one of the most important aspects of cost management: as the company engine, their effectiveness, motivation and involvement are the main ingredients for any successful project or activity. Any company should know and assess its patrimony in order to use it effectively. Facility Managers want to preserve value and building efficiency as well as optimize available resources to achieve company goals. Today’s dynamic market and increasing number of temporary workers requires fast adaptation and a simple tool to check and organize company resources.

Managing human resources with Infocad.FM is possible through the data structure created with the space module. Each person is identified on a plan with symbols and text, together with a data sheet showing images and custom attributes. CAD drawings with occupancy factor can be generated on the fly while any operation can be performed through the graphic environment as well as the database structure: changes are automatically updated in both directions. Infocad.FM can be interfaced to preexisting human resources management software, like SAP HR module as well as any paycheck or attendance application, making a whole set of administrative data quickly visible and georeferenced. 


Emergency plan and risk profiling

Infocad.FM provides graphical modules for designing emergency procedures, managing key items (REI fireproof doors, signposting, fire extinguishers, escape routes, space partitioning, hazardous items storage location, etc.) and calculating fire load on rooms and compartments according to current regulations.


Application fields

Infocad.FM tools give solutions to common needs and questions that arise when “living” and “managing” physical spaces:

  • List spaces and their use (Where is room X? How many meeting rooms are in this building? How much office space is available in this building, and what is its percentage compared to service areas?)
  • Show how employees and corporate functions use assigned spaces (How many square meters are allocated to executive offices? How many square meters per employee? How many per cost unit?)
  • Find available areas to allocate new employees (Is there any room with available workplaces? Where? Which organizational unit do they belong to? Can we increase workplaces if we switch to an open space?)
  • Optimize cost units, manage rental fees and financial fulfillment
  • Determine usage factors and area costs (cost per area, workplace or heating unit; occupancy factor; crowding index; etc.)
  • Verify which spaces are subject to taxation or maintenance/cleaning services
  • Identify failures to conform to regulations and company quality standards

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