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Organize and categorize

Managing assets with efficient procedures is essential when administering real estate: high investments are required when acquiring equipment and ensuring their maintenance. Efficiency and availability of assets directly influence performance of employees in doing their job. When companies grow is essential to track properties and possessions, their features, location and usage status.

Each piece of equipment or furniture can be located on a interactive map and carries a detailed report with data like its id number, type, model, brand, components, requirements, efficiency, etc. Users can append pictures to each report as well as documental files, making them object specific or related to the entire category.

Infocad.FM can track a single asset during its entire life cycle, from acquisition to disposal, providing accurate updates on performance, cost and maintenance. Through powerful reporting modules Infocad.FM provides precise summaries about any item assigned to a building, floor or room as well as any assets controlled by a team or single employee.




Infocad.FM provides useful tools to assist the facility manager in performing desired tasks:

  • Simulate new scenarios and plan mass movements
  • Search, filter and sort assets by technical features or location
  • Map based localization of assets and bidirectional interaction between graphics and data
  • Assign assets to employees and automate movements
  • Create reports and lists
  • Load Autocad files with blocks and attributes using batch functions
  • Import data from Excel, Access, CSV files and more
  • Integrate data with preexistent databases or management solutions
  • Use preloaded symbol libraries

Centralized database and web based management

Asset management with Infocad.FM is performed on databases and maps created with the space management module. Sharing data becomes straightforward with a scalable system that allows authorized users access with full or read-only credentials: customized maps with any kind of information stored in the database (assets, furniture, etc.) can be easily created using data provided by the technical office.    

Thanks to Infocad.FM FlashServer technology, users can access data on interactive maps using a common internet browser with FlashTM plugin. Querying assets, showing their documents and images and updating their position are tasks that can be easily accomplished through the web browser.

Web based operations are automatically stored to the database and synchronized with .dwg drawings, allowing people lacking CAD skills to update maps and objects even if they are working from remote places.


Safe and dynamic management

Keeping data and maps synchronized is the most important requirement of a GIS/CAFM system: using a CAD software just for updating assets on a plan is no longer profitable. For the same reason is not acceptable to simply erase object with Autocad, while they are still referenced into a database.

Relying on full integration with Autocad and Oracle, Infocad.FM assures consistency of data during management operations: assets are database objects, thus they follow data safety rules. Visual elements are read from maps, saved to database and hidden from the view of unauthorized users. There are no frozen layers of blocks with attributes that can break the linkage to their database record.

Infocad.FM saves graphic objects to database and retrieves them only when authorized users request visual content. One of the most important features of Infocad.FM is the ability of working and updating database directly through the Autocad interface, without any further step.


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