Infocad.FM - Real estate registry, document management and web sharing

Real estate registry

Infocad.FM lets users create a real estate registry where all available data and managing processes are stored and shared. The core of Infocad.FM solution is the combination of CAD/GIS technology from Autodesk for the delivery of graphic environment, and the relational database system from Oracle for creating the analytical data structure.

Infocad.FM natively supports Autodesk Autocad and related software such as Autocad Architecture, Autocad Map, Autocad Revit and Architecture Suite. Web access to maps and documents is achieved through interactive Flash modules with real time functions capable querying plans, areas, assets, utilities, etc. 

This service allows the generation of detailed report of technical, administrative and cost effective condition for each property: users can query the registry for a quick overview of usage status and issues of any nature (non-compliant facilities, failure to meet minimum space standards, missing certifications, etc.) and provide needed documentation to submit to administrative offices for meeting standards and regulatory compliance requirements.

Properties can be stored and sorted by placement (region, city, district, zone, compartment, building, unit, room, floor, etc.) or by administrative status (usage, cost, organizational unit, occupants, etc.). Each item carries his own customizable data report with detailed information (id, net and gross area, height, destination, flooring, activities, occupants, facilities, furniture, etc.).


Document repository management

Storing and retrieving information has never been easier with multilevel categories for linking documents (user manuals, procedural lists, etc.) to spatial elements like buildings, rooms, facilities, assets, people and more.

Users can retrieve any document linked to an object or list all documents related to a category, applying filters to narrow the final result (i.e. showing only document concerning fire safety issues related to a particular building).


Online data sharing

Easy access to information is the first requirement for an effective management. Technical data generated in Autocad are easily accessible through common web browsers: real estate registry can be published together with maps and floorplans without the assistance of skilled personnel.

After the registry has been compiled and populated by data, users from authorized departments can access it and retrieve needed information with a simple and user friendly interface that, although professional, doesn’t require specific technical skills.

All management modules, even if not directly related to CAD data, are accessible through the same interactive dashboard, allowing users to operate on scheduled maintenance lists as well as call center requests, service quality control, contract management and more.


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