Infocad.FM - Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Many companies face facility management issues by using manual procedures or software solutions that fail to integrate each other. It may happen that team members, while working together, use duplicated or outdated data references. Infocad.FM, together with the reliable and scalable Oracle database, is the ideal platform for keeping data archives always up to date and aligned to the latest deployment, providing an effective solution for team work and user collaboration.


Distributing knowledge

One software, many solutions

Thanks to the web based architecture, Infocad.FM provides solutions and support to collateral activities that operate outside the main office, like surveillance teams, concierge and hauling services, cleaning companies, etc. Daily activities like searching available rooms, locate an asset or employee, open a maintenance ticket or survey areas and costs will no longer require specialized personnel: each operation can be easily performed, allowing managers to better focus on strategic and management activities.


Reducing management costs

Immediate return on investment

Infocad.FM is the perfect software for managers willing to reduce costs and optimize available resources. Infocad.FM provides quick solutions to allocate unused spaces, assign activities to moved employees or temporary workers, track outsourced and global services, compile contracts and tenders relying on updated area data, create simulations and scenarios, manage personnel mass movements, manage registers and maintenance schedules, survey assets and facilities for immediate or future use. User friendly operations and integration of floor plans with existing data allow an effective production procedure and quick return on investment: facility management solutions like Infocad.FM have the peculiarity of self financing with the resulting savings.


Safe and customizable

Secure access based on profiles

Each user is provided with a login profile allowing access to the system with a personal password. System admin assigns access rights according to members activities and competencies: users can be allowed to operate only a defined and targeted set of tasks. Infocad.FM can be customized to allow a selective access to data, documents and visual contents: while using the same floorplans, different users will act differently on assets, facilities and personnel.


Standard software and formats

Oracle and Autodesk

Infocad.FM natively supports integration of powerful CAD technologies from Autodesk (Autocad, Revit, Autocad Architecture) with the reliability of Oracle databases, providing user friendly operating interfaces based on Adobe Flash. Interfaces and interactive dashboards are already known to users, who are required to learn only new components and commands in case they are implemented to the system. Thanks to standard software and formats training session for final users are extremely reduced: access to database is straightforward and doesn’t require specific skills for managing data. Infocad.FM is a standard solution with lot of customizable features: dynamic structure of data access can be configured according to client needs without requiring specific software development, giving complete freedom from proprietary solutions and making updates easily accessible.


Fast deployment

Reuse existing data

Loading data and documents is one of the most critical step in implementing a CAFM system. Infocad.FM provides specific functions to reuse data already owned by the company, making it easy to generate asset surveys, load existing plans, connect to various database systems or use exchange files for the most common formats (csv, xls, mdb, xml, etc.).


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