Infocad.FM - Real estate integrated management

Integrated management

Plan management
Manage visual and alphanumeric data of buildings, areas, assets and people. Data can be shared via web networks and through Flash based applications.

Asset management
Survey and manage assets while showing them on a plan. Each single item, arranged and categorized, carries a full data report with related components, images and documents.

Space management
Manage the space inventory with ranking and analytic functions. Retrieve space details, destination, area, occupancy, cost efficiency and simulate new planning scenarios.

Personnel management
Analyze human resources and create customized data reports on occupation, localization and use of company assets. Streamline mass move processes through simulation with Move Management modules.



Document management
Manage real estate data and share technical and administrative documents. Sort documents by type and localization, identify missing and expiring items.

Maintenance registry
Create a registry of maintenance objects and group them through multilevel hierarchical schedules. Each items represents a scheduled operation related to a specific asset. Include facilities, building components, plants and more. 

Maintenance management
Manage scheduled and on-demand maintenance operations. Plan activities and organize operative staff. Track operations and verify execution through organized timelines, automating email requests and reports.

Emergency plan and risk management
Provide visual information for creating emergency plans (facility and equipment management, escape routes and gathering points, risk areas identification) and manage parametric data for fire risk assessment, related to single rooms as well as whole compartments.


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